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Hedeby Tunic

900 - 1000 CE

Similar to: Bernuthsfeld Tunic

This tunic from the 10th and 11th century is known as the Hedeby Tunic. This wool tunic was drastically different from earlier finds for displaying fitted sleeves, shoulder seams, and a scooped neckline. This tunic was made as both an undergarment and as outerwear, differentiated by the presence of either slits or closed gores. This garment was also notable for its more complex construction; the skirt was cut separately from the upper torso, and likely pleated. Like other wool clothing, the Hedeby was tailored in more intricate and fitted patterns. The front collar panel was typically the site of much adornment, and is visible in this stylish modern recreation.

Burgschneider recreates this iconic Tunic in a variety of materials, sizes, and dyes. Primary differences between the original find and the recreate is the lack of a gore. This allows for additional flexibility of the base of the tunic. This modification does bring in elements of the Bernuthsfeld Tunic find, also used by Burgschneider.

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